A remote working creative
production studio.

We partner with agencies, production houses and brands.
We deliver motion design, animation and VFX for commercials, music promos, feature films, social content and explainer videos.
We develop websites, Ecommerce sites, microsites, web & mobile apps and portals.
We produce bespoke digital experiential activations.
We Are Covert.

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An agency like no other.

Being 100% remote we can hire the cream of the crop. Need that amazing illustrator from Peru or elite coder from Hong Kong; not a problem, we can hire them instantly and seamlessly add them to our workflow.

Truly Remote

We work remotely 100% of the time, with no central office (though we have use of a shared office space network if we need one). Access to the best talent, with no geographical restrictions. No commute. No downtime.


We work to fit around our people, we do it with our staff, workflow and partners. This doesn’t change for our clientele. We streamline our approach to a combination of great talent and no faff. And with no juice bar, bean bag room or rent to pay for.


With a core team of 13 and an extensive network of leading freelance specialists, we pride ourselves on scalability. A refined remote infrastructure allows us to scale up and down effectively with minimal notice. Each project is nurtured in its own right, applying the best talent to each specific aspect. We deliver an agile approach that is tough to match.

Creative Talent

Because we have no central office we’re able to hire the cream of the crop when it comes to creative talent. We can hire the best illustrators from Peru and the most amazing coders from Hong Kong within minutes and they slot instantly into our workflow.


Constant communication is our culture. CRM software means we interact with our partners in real time, at all times.


We seamlessly interact together & with our clients through screen sharing & dedicated channels. Viewing progress, keeping track of amends & accessing project files has never been simpler.

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