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Covert has made a significant stride by welcoming Anna Williamson as new head of production

Covert has made a significant stride by welcoming Anna Williamson as their new head of production. Anna’s journey, a tapestry of experience and dedication, is a narrative that intertwines the rigours of production with the dynamism of creative management.

Anna’s foray into the industry began in the bustling streets of London, where, like many, she started as a runner at Golden Square Post. It was here that she quickly recognised the gap between academic knowledge and the industry’s practical workings. Her path led her through various roles in scheduling and production, working on campaigns for prominent clients like Asda, Sky, and Daily Mail. This journey was a testament to her adaptability and eagerness to learn, a quality that would define much of her career.

At The Mill, a company renowned for its excellence in the VFX industry, Anna’s career took a significant turn. Over 11 transformative years, she transitioned from scheduling manager to head of operations. Her tenure at The Mill was characterised by an evolving role where operations became crucial in maintaining the studio’s internal harmony and efficiency. Anna’s approach was deeply collaborative, working closely with artists, production teams, and department heads to ensure that every project was resourced with the right talent and managed with finesse. This experience at The Mill was not just about operational management; it was about nurturing a culture of teamwork and support, a philosophy that she carries into her new role at Covert.

The transition to Covert was motivated by Anna’s desire for new challenges and a chance to influence and aid in the growth of a smaller company. Her conversations with Covert’s senior team, Max and Simon, revealed a company culture that resonated with her values – humility, kindness, and a relentless drive to excel. Anna sees her role at Covert as an opportunity to blend the best of both worlds – the large-scale operational expertise from The Mill and the agility and personal touch of a smaller studio like Covert.

As head of production, Anna’s goals are clear: start from the ground up, distribute responsibility, and enhance communication, especially crucial in a fully remote setup. She aims to implement tools and structures that streamline Covert’s workflow, ensuring that the studio’s success is supported by efficient internal processes.

Anna’s leadership style is rooted in empathy and inclusivity. She believes in treating people with respect and understanding, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their level, feels comfortable contributing and asking questions. This approach is integral to maintaining a collaborative and productive atmosphere within the Covert team.

Balancing creativity and efficiency is a crucial aspect of her role, and Anna approaches this by leaning on the expertise within Covert. She values open communication and the contribution of ideas from all team members, seeing this as essential for both her growth and the studio’s.

Outside of her professional life, Anna draws inspiration from her personal experiences – family, friends, music, and festivals. She thrives in environments where work and fun blend seamlessly, finding joy and motivation in the relationships and experiences that the industry brings. This approach to life, where boundaries between work and leisure blur, is reflected in her management style, where professional rigour is balanced with personal warmth and approachability.

In welcoming Anna Williamson, Covert isn’t just gaining a head of production; they are embracing a leader who brings a wealth of experience, a collaborative spirit, and a vision that aligns perfectly with the studio’s ethos. Her journey from Golden Square Post to The Mill, and now to Covert, is a story of growth, learning, and an unyielding commitment to excellence in the ever-changing world of visual effects and we can’t wait to see where it leads.