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We Are

Creative, Motion & Digital in One Place, Yet Never in One Place

A truly remote-working motion & digital team working with brands, agencies and global partners.

We’re an adaptive and flexible team, providing digital, video & creative services to meet your requirements.

Working with agencies for over seven years, three independent and creative teams joined forces to provide a streamlined integrated approach to agency support.

Covert was born.

You read that correctly! We work remotely 100% of the time, with no central office (though we have use of a shared office space network if we need one). All of our project management and development is tracked using CRM software.

Because we don’t pay rent, business rates, or electricity–and we don’t have a juice bar–we can pass these savings on to our clients. We maintain quality yet are cheaper than our competition.

All of our communication is real-time. We use a combination of Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts and several other conferencing and screen sharing platforms. When necessary, we will visit our clients in person for briefing, consultancy and in some instances, delivery.

Yes! We work with both directly, yet always ensure there is no conflict of interest. Our reputation precedes us and, until 2019, we publicised purely by word-of-mouth with the majority of our work still under NDA. It’s all in the name: Covert by name, Covert by nature.

If you would like to work with us, head over to our contact us page and drop us a line.

If you’re the next Beeble or coding genius we’d love to hear from you. We hire purely based on quality of work: your CV, background, colour, race, or choice of coffee mean nothing to us. All we ask is that you live and breath your game.

To apply, simply email your portfolio to

Of course! We’d love to help. Simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we’ll get straight back to you!

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