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UK flair and heritage, accessed globally through a disruptive remote model. We partner with creative agencies and production houses to provide agile, efficient & impactful creative

Creating engaging experiences since 2017.

Working with agencies for over 15 years, three independent and creative teams joined forces to provide a streamlined integrated approach to agency support.

The Story of Covert.

We started as freelancers and managers; after 25 years of industry experience Covert was born.

What happens when two freelancers get way too busy & meet up for beers?

They come to the only logical conclusion they could think of, they form a company. So on that fateful evening, in deep conversation and an IPA in hand, Covert was born into the shadows. Well, kind of… If you class the dimly lit ambience of a local pub as ‘the shadows’. Same thing.





Covert was born in 2017

When we established Covert, we brought a relentless freelance attitude of hustle, grind and deliver. We soon built a reputation of being ‘fixers’ on jobs that were left askew. Displaying unmatched agility, we continuously turned around projects that were left ticking away into the final moments like an episode of 24.




Creating household campaigns from bedrooms.

Covert began to earn its stripes in the shadows, as a unique white label agency support entity. Working with various leading UK agencies, we were deployed as the silent firepower behind multiple household campaigns and activations.




American Gods Season 3 previs

Charging forwards direct-to-brand.

We now stood as a full-service brand and agency partner. We kept our freelance hustle and heart and continued to grow our team with like minded creatives that would push the boundaries of our capabilities. Working Globally, from LA to Shanghai, we created VFX for a feature film, were featured in David Reviews and created custom digital experiences and toured them across Europe.

Our reputation may have brought us out of the shadows, but we still live by the same Covert mantra, of quietly working in the background to deliver the best creative for agencies and brands alike.


Senior Mangement Team

We’d need an entire page to list all the team members.
Below is our senior mangement team.

Toby we are covert

Toby Wheeler

Founder & Co-CEO

One of the only people you’ll ever meet that can ride a motorcycle at 100mph whilst detailing every significant event of ww2. Co-founder, not slow downer.

simon we are covert

Simon Dewey

Founder & Co-CEO

From music video director, to VFX and motion whizz, to co-founder of Covert. Mr video himself fills his spare time with trips to America to indulge in his one true love – Honey Chipotle.

max we are covert

Max Murphy

Head of New Business

Lover of all things food. Will happily spend 15 minutes describing his most recent culinary adventure with excessive descriptive prowess until everyone is hungry.

simon we are covert

Simon Russell

Account Director

The type of guy you can’t help but love, nothing is ever too much of an ask. When he’s not pleasing clients everywhere, Simon can be found driving his Van to a music festival somewhere in the UK.

simon we are covert

Simon Jarvis

Senior Developer

Okay yes it is another Simon, yes they’re all real and yes.. it does get confusing. This Simon is our coding/tech guru. He’s the man that turns our hairbrained, crackpot ideas into functioning works of digital art.

peran we are covert

Perran Mitchell

Senior Developer

Perran’s our second in command on the digital front, a true computer whizz with an unquenchable thirst for gaming. Often found with a craft beer in hand, Perran’s reactions are akin to a John Wayne shootout at high noon.

We're proud to work with

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