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Covert Is Levelling Up the Game with New Alienware Ads

Covert launches three adrenaline-filled commercials, each one a tribute to the diverse realms of gaming - from dystopian futures to interstellar battles and enchanting fantasy worlds
Covert is levelling up the game, and their recent partnership with Alienware is proof in pixels. They have just wrapped three adrenaline-filled commercials, each one a tribute to the diverse realms of gaming - from dystopian futures to interstellar battles and enchanting fantasy worlds.
Each film, distinct in its creative conception, draws inspiration from a variety of gaming genres, allowing Covert to flex their VFX muscles and showcase their adeptness in crafting immersive digital worlds.
"The Alienware project was like a gamer's fantasy turned reality for us," Dan Andrew, Covert’s creative director, shared.

"Diving into genres from the high-octane universe of 'Hoard,' to the cosmic conflict in 'Space Marine,' and the enchanting realms in 'Slayer,' each commercial was an opportunity to explore new creative territories."
In 'Hoard,' the narrative propels you into a dystopian future where our protagonist embarks on a thrilling incursion into an alien stronghold. The Covert team meticulously constructed a sprawling cityscape and an intricate underground laboratory, setting the stage for a narrative brimming with suspense and technological marvel. "The challenge was immense, especially with the constrained shooting schedule. Yet, our look-dev team's prowess in pre-visualisation helped us maintain a cohesive vision throughout the production," Dan highlighted. Leveraging a sophisticated toolkit comprising C4D, Blender, Nuke, and After Effects, augmented by strategic AI integration, the team delivered a climactic explosion that was visually arresting and narratively satisfying.

'Space Marine' catapults you into the vastness of space, tasking Covert with conjuring an interstellar skirmish that could rival the grandiosity of cinematic epics. "We aimed to encapsulate the sheer scale and excitement of a space opera within a tight timeline, a monumental task that our team navigated with incredible skill and creativity," Dan reflected. The project was particularly noted for its ambitious continuous battle sequence, a testament to our team's technical acumen, with Nuke's advanced capabilities facilitating the intricate blending of live-action and CGI elements to create a seamless and dynamic visual narrative.

The journey concluded with 'Slayer,' where fantasy took centre stage. Covert’s team breathed life into an array of fantastical creatures, each bursting into a spectacle of glitter upon their vanquish. "There was a delightful twist to creating the critter explosions. Steering away from the conventional, we opted for glitter bombs, infusing a sense of wonder and light-heartedness into the narrative," Dan mused. The meticulous development of the alien forest and the critters themselves underscored Covert's commitment to detail and narrative coherence, ensuring that each element enriched the fantastical storyline.
These commercials not only underscore Covert's versatility and prowess in VFX but also signal our forward momentum in the industry. "This year marks a significant phase of growth for us, especially with the inauguration of our AI lab. It's a space dedicated to innovation, where we're exploring the synergies between AI and human creativity to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in VFX," Max Murphy Covert's MD stated.
As Covert continues to advance, it positions itself as a collaborative partner in storytelling, dedicated to expanding the possibilities of visual narratives. With a blend of technical expertise and immense creativity, Covert invites potential collaborators to create something unimaginable together.