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Dan Andrew, a veteran in the world of visual effects has joined the ranks of Covert

In the spirited Huddles of Covert, there's an air of excitement that's almost palpable. The reason? Dan Andrew, a veteran in the world of visual effects, who has joined the ranks as their newest creative force.

Dan's journey into the world of visual effects reads almost like a serendipitous screenplay. His tale begins not in the hustle of a film studio, but on the sandy beaches of Sydney, where a chance encounter with a former Smoke and Mirrors runner planted the seed of curiosity in his mind. This seed swiftly blossomed into a full-fledged passion, leading him from the laid-back Australian coast to the buzzing streets of Soho. Here, Dan's story takes a familiar turn, reminiscent of many success stories in the creative industry - starting as a runner, fetching lunches, and soaking up every shred of knowledge available until he ascended to the role of a creative director.

Dan's love for visual effects was further fuelled by his teenage fascination with the Bond films. When Daniel Kleinman took the helm to create the intricate title work in these films, this not only captivated him but also set the stage for his future endeavours. His graphic design and photography background nudged him towards the creative side of post-production, where he excelled in compositing and VFX for title design, idents, and more. This trajectory, marked by collaborations with renowned studios and directors, is a testament to the power of early influences and the formative nature of youthful fascinations.

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Discussing the evolution of VFX technology, Dan reflects on the transformative nature of this field. He speaks of the shift to remote working, the integration of cloud-based resources, and the freedom these advancements have brought into his life. These technological strides aren't just about efficiency or convenience; they represent a fundamental change in how creative work is approached, balanced, and valued.

Dan's career, peppered with memorable projects, reveals the unpredictable nature of this industry. From a challenging shoot for the Americas Cup where he had to fly to New Zealand for just three days to shoot the racing yachts, to working with Channel 4 over consecutive years completing VFX work on countless award-winning promos, including helping to win two coveted D&AD yellow pencil awards. His experiences underscore the adage that innovation often thrives under constraints. His mantra, "you're only as good as the team around you," speaks volumes of his collaborative spirit and belief in the collective talent.

Looking ahead, Dan's vision for the future of VFX is one of optimistic realism. He acknowledges the concerns surrounding AI in VFX but draws an interesting parallel to the music industry's adaptation to technology. This perspective underlines a belief in the resilience and adaptability of creativity in the face of technological advancements.

The decision to join Covert was driven by more than just professional ambitions. It was a choice aligned with his personal ethos, where the emphasis on work-life balance and remote working capabilities resonated with his own lifestyle preferences. This seamless transition into Covert's fold is perhaps indicative of the larger shift in the industry towards a more balanced, holistic approach to creative work.

Dan's contribution to Covert is multifaceted, blending his rich experience with a drive to mentor and uplift the next generation of VFX artists. His excitement about the potential of AI and AR/VR in VFX points to a future where creativity and technology coalesce in unprecedented ways.

Outside the studio, Dan's world is rich with inspiration drawn from everyday observations, from graffiti to the intricate designs of nature. These diverse influences are not mere distractions but integral components of his creative process, reminding us that the best ideas often stem from the world beyond our screens.

In a nutshell, Dan Andrew's addition to the Covert team is not just about the skills and experience he brings; it's about the shared ethos, the blending of professional expertise with personal passions, and a collective forward gaze towards a future where technology and creativity dance in harmonious sync.

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