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Cristina Giribets

Cristina Giribets, with a foundation in audio-visual communication from the University of Barcelona, has honed her skills in the dynamic fields of editing and motion graphics before delving into the nuanced art of colour grading. Her journey took a significant turn when she embraced the prestigious UP.GRADE programme at Berlin Film School, mastering the craft of colour grading.
Cristina's talent shines through her diverse portfolio, showcasing her work on commercials for renowned brands like Tissot and Elemis, and documentaries that capture compelling narratives. Whether working remotely or on-site in London, she brings a unique perspective to each project, blending her background in Baselight and DaVinci Resolve to elevate the visual storytelling.
Her experience extends beyond commercials to include music promos, documentaries, and short films, each project benefiting from her keen eye for colour and detail. Cristina's passion for colour grading and her ability to support a story through colour palettes make her a perfect fit for Covert's ethos of creativity and collaboration.