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CRM Tools & Microsites

Acquiring customers through microsites

Xerox MAT & XMAT Tools

Sales Aquisition Tool
To heighten lead engagement across their managed print, Xerox requested an inbound series of portals designed to gauge and rate leads based on their printing requirements. In addition, these portals should pre-populate fields when warm leads visit the portal.
Written in custom PHP, the coded solution integrated with the Marketo API to ensure the portals could both read and write to the central lead-gen database. Each portal writes data to the database in real time and knows when a lead has data, such as an email address already assigned, therefore pre-populating the field.

Xerox CPS Campaign Site

Personalised activation microsite
An interactive microsite designed to increase awareness of the Xerox Central Print Services SaaS products. Compatible and responsive with older legacy browsers, the website was designed to display content based on user data. For example: if a lead’s postcode is known, then a Google Maps image of their location is used within the graphics on the site.
Using a dynamic series of PNG images, the animation will play in almost any browser. Areas such as the address label, leaflet image and copy were dynamically adjusted based on the user’s location, meta-data and database information.

Campaign Sucess

Future development
With thousands of signups and data merges Xerox go on to further develop these platforms.
The MAT and XMAT tools continue to provide detailed warm leads to the Marketo sales team. The tools are due to be expanded into the XPMAT series soon.

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