Superliga New Season Campaign - "The Fans Make It Super"

Dive into the heady world of Romanian football with the Superliga New Season TVC Campaign. Titled “The Fans Make It Super”, this campaign captures the essence of what makes Superliga the pinnacle of football in Denmark: its passionate fans.
Our team at “We are Covert” took the reins on the visual effects, seamlessly comping the dynamic newsroom background and executing meticulous cleanup, tracking, and replacements throughout the edit. Our expertise ensures that every frame is as captivating as the game itself.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of football and the fans that make it super. Experience the magic of Superliga like never before.

Visual Effects

We are Covert

Online Production

We are Covert


Charlie Watts

Production Company

Rogue Films

Executive Producer

Dave Birchall


The Tenthman


Bled Bujupi


Luke Morrison ETC

Sound Production

Wave studios

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