Why Remote?

August 20, 2018 Max Murphy

Working from a beach or bedroom near you.

A remote based studio does come with its own interesting advantages!

To be honest, in the most positive way of saying this, it was born out of pure stubbornness. Two freelancers decide to form a company and they’re generally pretty happy with the current setup and kind of just want… more of the same?

Unlike its reason for forming, a remote based studio does come with its own interesting advantages for everyone involved and in today’s industry where purse strings are always being tightened and expectations are higher than ever, they can really show.

Our unique remote infrastructure gives a pretty unique ability to scale up and down for projects as needed, without any hassle. We’re quite conformably 30 strong when multiple projects are running and can then scale back down to our core team of 13. Think of us as the creative industry’s answer to the puffer fish.

Not carrying any unnecessary fat into different projects keeps us lean and means we can completely customise our approach to each brief. This leads us on quite nicely to our next point.

Freelancers. Over the years, through trial and tribulation, heart ache (and break) and plenty of burnt fingers, we’ve assembled the freelance A-team. These creative guns for hire are our hand-picked specialists including Unity developers to 3D match movers, Stop motion specialists and everything in between.

When you work from home, your commute is somewhat unimpressive when you compare it to the millions of individuals who embark on an Everest-esque fete each day. But when you’re only having to journey to a spare room or office in the garden, it does mean we’re around and working for much more of the day, this increase in working hours and productivity gives us a nifty edge to turning briefs around quick snap. Nice.

Having a team that’s equally full of those strange people that are early birds and the more common night owls, it means we have very little downtime.

Communication is something we genuinely pride ourselves on and when we’re working across the globe on multiple time zones, it’s essential to get right. We use a CRM called Slack to ensure that each partner that we work with is always kept in the loop within their own personal channel, it’s essentially like a WhatsApp group, but for work. No need for the formals, just drop in a question whenever you have one and expect an answer in a few seconds.

Memes, custom emojis and other funnies are extremely welcome.

The CRM also has a few fancy features, like starting threads discussing a certain aspect, conference calling, screen sharing, and it even allows you to draw on the screen to highlight and point out aspects when we’re reviewing content. Pretty nifty, eh?

Doing everything virtually does of course mean that we save a fair bit on our costs. We don’t have an office to pay for, we have no business rates or bills. Which when it comes to costing, naturally has an impact. It means we can be pretty competitive for the level of service we give.

So, I guess that’s us in a nutshell! We totally appreciate that we can’t woo you in our office with backless concept chairs, beanbag rooms and double iced macchiatos with cream.

But what we can promise, is a studio that is built round a desire to deliver. To deliver strong creative, in good time, hassle free.

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