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UI/UX Design for Jaguar & Landrover

Sleek and effective UI/UX design transforms the JLR Magenta portal’s front-end

Polsoure Magenta

Front-end UI/UX design

The Jaguar Land Rover Magenta portal required a refresh to bring its UI/UX in line with JLR’s other brand offerings.

Photoshop Layers:


A smooth user journey was paramount for this project. It required a seamless transition from the front-page to portal, whilst remaining within the 3-click rule and retaining easily navigable resource repositories. Card-sorting throughout the wire-framing process allowed us to ensure the correct information was cascaded.

Alongside this, it was key to maintain a user interface which aligned with the iconic Jaguar Land Rover brand. A sleek and simple style was implemented to ooze premium and luxury.

Further Development

Pushing brand cohesion beyond the front-page
Pushing forwards into 2019, the front-end Covert developed has been rolled out across the Magenta sites.
As the brand rollout completes across the portal’s various sections, we’re proud to continue to provide continued UX/UI design, digital development and other on-brand assets.

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