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The Original Mixologists

Ranges of POS, Social and printed assets for TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays

Commissioned by the powerhouse Somethin Else on behalf of Citeron Paris we were tasked with creating a range of engaging adverts where we insert some more copy that fits.
We directed, edited animated and graded a total of 6 spots distributed across social, digital & TV channels.


We create an entire campaign to get TGI customer’s talking about their new burgers. #Burgerface was born so thousands of hungry consumers could get involved.
Deliverables included social assets, table-talkers, POS materials, interior and exterior signage.

Strategy & Process

With over 20K posts, an increase in dry-take and the relaunch of TGI’s 100 cocktails a huge sucess we’ve very proud to have been involved in the campaigns.
After the sucess of these campaigns we went on to fully re-brand the TGI Academy training college along with continued revisions to the 100 cocktail artworks line.

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