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Lexus Nexis

Project: Microsite
Agency: Fox Parrack Singapour
Client: Lexus Nexis

Lexis Draft is software designed to save law firms time proof checking. Accompanying the wider FoxParrack Draft campaign was a fully interactive micro-site taking the user on a journey around a law firm's office solving the problems they encounter.

Filmed on location in Old Street we created an office from scratch and filled it with troubled lawyers. Each scene represents an issue a lawyer or law firm employee might find. Post filming the reel was converted to a series of 6000 separate frames. These were then animated using the CSS and JavaScript web languages so that as a user scrolled their mouse, the movie played out. The faster a user scrolled, the faster the film runs. At each key section a CTA is displayed allowing the user to delve deeper into the content pages, areas and downloadable assets.