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Halsbury Legal Awards

Project: Key Visuals & Artwork
Agency: Fox Parrack Singapour
Client: Halsbury

The digital marketing monolith Fox Parrack Singapour commissioned us to create a visual respresentation of the law networks using a DNA strand for their client, Halsbury. There was one small problem - they wanted it to be produced from fractals; maths equations designed to created 2D repeating patterns. A fractal is a 2D equation so cannot exsist within a 3D space, so we had to be creative when designing the solution.

The 2D artwork was created in Adobe Photoshop in a 2.5D space (Faux 3D to immitate a 3D space from 2D equation). The rendered artwork was then de-composited so that its various elements could be exported to Autodesk's Maya software and we could recreate the DNA strand in a 3D space. This video was then rendered as a recurring loop and displayed via HD projectors at the event. The awards ceremony was yet another successful evening with the artwork prominent across all media.