Toyoko Tea Rooms - Launch Campaign.

Tokyo Tea Rooms is one of the biggest bar brands in England’s student scene and enjoyed by thousands in and out of term time. Boasting a unique fusion of ‘East meets West’ and celebrated through their array of cocktails, music and entertainment.

Covert partnered with Tokyo Tea Rooms to discover their brand and launch their bars to the UK market.

Brand Identity & Launch Campaign

United Kingdom

The Challenge: Launching a new Asian inspired concept bar to the UK market.

We began our process of crafting the brand by looking to identify a single and all-encompassing mantra from which all other aspects would eventually be birthed from. One stuck, “Where East & West coalesce”.

Solution: East meets West.

We began with crafting the brand design, effectively communicating their unique cultural positioning and identifying their user profiles. From that, Covert developed a complete identity system that reached every touch point of the venue and brand itself.

Brand Identity & Graphics.

To create the logo, we heavily researched Japanese Iconography, history and typography to ensure we both embraced and celebrated the culture authentically. Throughout the design process, we carefully considered the intricate balance between the logo’s authenticity and its practicality of application within a live environment.

We designed the typeface of the brand around the term ‘Wabi-Sabi’, which is a world view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection and the beauty within the imperfect. The typeface initially appears bold, but upon closer inspection reveals beautiful, subtle asymmetries and other nuances.

Visual System Inspired by Centuries of Art & influence.

The brand’s aesthetic was influenced by the rich artistic heritage of the east. Shodō, Cherry Blossom, the Enso Circle, ink strokes and a blossom/pastel colour spectrum was the system we implemented across the brand.

A fresh new site.

To become an effective digital extension of the brand, we fed our visual system into our digital development to steer the online aesthetic. This enabled us to, within little space and more importantly, little time, communicate the brand’s unique value and experience proposition to the consumer, through an engaging and responsive website.

We designed the function of the website with practicality in mind, for both business and consumer. We utilized dynamic features to ensure that the promoted events from the bar’s social platforms would automatically populate within the site, minimizing error and increasing both productivity and engagement with the promotions.

Within the same portal, we ensured users could book tickets and tables within the venues, navigating a 3D floor plan to select the perfect spot based on location, type and floor.

Creating the space.

From the opening night, the bars were packed to the rafters and continued to still be in the weeks and months that followed. The Tea Rooms’ opening night’s events made national and local press allowing them to swiftly establish themselves as a premier contender within the UK’s notoriously competitive nightlife industry.


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