Party Poker - Twitch Rebrand

PartyPoker invited us to help revitalise their brand to connect with the Esports community via Twitch.
Covert created the world’s first floating gaming city, a complete channel branding refresh, and a robust suite of broadcast assets.

Channel Branding & Social Campaign

Europe & Americas

The Challenge: How do you connect the Esports community to Poker?

As of May 2020, Twitch was averaging a whopping 1.4 million concurrent viewers. Of these, just 0.38% were watching poker. That’s a lot being left on the table.

Competitors had made a couple of plays so far, including a virtual arena, and occupied 80% of the poker viewership within the platform.

We knew we could change this if we played our cards right…

The idea: The Party Poker Universe

We knew that by producing the right creative strategy and toolkits, we would be able to make a big impact on attracting Esports enthusiasts over to the world of Poker but to do so, it had to be through a relatable medium.

Our ideation led us to the thought of creating an immersive Poker-themed gaming universe. Through this universe and a comprehensive on-brand broadcast toolkit, we could immerse the community within the drama, excitement, and fun of poker on the big stage.

Creating a gamer’s paradise

The design and features of the universe and broadcast toolkits were designed to bring poker into the gaming/modern world, engaging viewers from the offset, educating & exciting them, and giving them a new reason to watch poker.

The universe gave the poker tournaments and matches somewhere tangible to exist. We made sure that Poker was being played on an actual big stage.


We needed to construct a full 360 brand experience within the Twitch platform. We did this by unifying all visual touchpoints within the platform, which helped create and grow the sense of community.

We designed the platform and suite to be completely interchangeable and modular. This ensured that the brand could refresh the environments, layouts, and overall experience. We did this to ensure the longevity of the assets and to maximise the engagement upon each activation.

Keeping the audience on the edge of their seats

The modular animated elements were used to keep the audience guessing, alert, and on the edge of their seat. These animations visually communicate the importance of a moment, such as a big flash and money splash as a pot is won or the gripping ‘all in’ moment where the lights go down and a heart rate monitor starts to beep. All adding to the drama and action.

Making a game within a game

The key aspect throughout every event was the overall gamification for the Twitch viewership. Viewers were rewarded for their attention, viewing time, and engagement. Viewers received random prizes, participated in quizzes, and more, which were all embellished with shiny animations that overlay onto the screen to increase the fun.

Viewers could begin to build up their profiles, trophies, and status within the community which they can wear with pride and want to continue to progress, learn and keep coming back for more.

The Floating City

For the city itself, we wanted to create something aspiring, that viewers and players would dream to play within, something that had life and character to it.

We drew cross-referenced inspiration from Cyberpunk, Utopian, fantasy, and futuristic, Tron-like environments when designing the city’s aesthetic and played particular care to the layout and function of smaller details to ensure it truly felt alive and immersive.

The thriving city also acted as our event teaser and various cutaways for breaks within tournaments. Designing the city so intricately meant that we could harness multiple different camera paths to create fresh and dynamic entrance and exit sequences.


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