Phone Piano

OnePlus needed a way to make some noise about their new handset; the 7T Pro.
So we built a piano out of 7T Pros and toured it across 6 European cities.

Sound but not as you’d expect…

Custom app design
& server side coding.

Not only did we have to build a piano but design and create a custom mobile application and server-side web application to create the smooth sounds.

United Themes Shortcode Plugin

Exact black & white keys replicated with sustain pedal.

Covert developed the custom application which transformed the 17 lone handsets into a completely unique instrument. Even a .5 of a second input delay would be noticeable to the untrained ear. So attention to detail was essential.

Creating social noise.

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Motion Design & VFX

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Ecommerce, microsites, portals and everything in between has appeared on our codes screens at some point, we’d be happy to help with your project.


If your idea seems crazy and the team’s not sure how to build your vision then we can help.

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