Lego reached out to Covert with a challenge… To find a creative solution, launching their new Art range in the midst of a pandemic.

The answer? Adapting & innovating to deliver a series of CGI Stop Motion films, overcoming all restictions & delivering results.

Creative Strategy
Motion Design & Animation

Europe & Americas

The Challenge: How do you create realistic stop motion within a CG environment?

Lego’s original plan for the spots was to be live-action and have the different artworks animated to appear to be singing or dancing, but due to the restrictions of Covid19 at the time, all live-action production was prohibited, so they came to Covert to find a creative solution.

The solution

Leveraging CG animation to achieve the desired aesthetic, so we embarked on a series of research and development pieces where we explored the necessary textures, lighting and animation styles that would help us overcome the challenge.

Bringing the Beatles to life

The first of the series of videos we produced was for the world’s most iconic band. The challenge we were faced with here, was to achieve the look of the band member’s faces singing along to their music.

Through extensive R&D we built a complex animation system, enabling us to automatically generate lego pieces based on a single reference image. Coupled with this Covert built an automated facial tracking system, taking static images of the Beatles & bringing them back to life.

The Andy Warhol Range

The next set of videos were for the Andy Warhol range, based around his work with Marilyn Monroe the client wanted to to achieve something bright & playful.

Working closely with the in-house Lego creative team, studying critical details of the product, Covert went on to deliver a series playful visuals to excite & intrigue their audience.

Taking things up a notch

The initial videos were met with extremely positive feedback by both brand and consumer. As a result, Lego went on to commission additional animation series in partnership with Disney, promoting the Marvel & Star Wars collections.

Building on top of the initial deliverables a full build sequence consisting of 1000s of frames of animation were delivered, as part of longer form content to help promote the series.
These were promoted and shared on social under the title “Original Soundtrack” & featured an exploration into the unique soundtracks behind the hit movies.


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