Universal - Escape The Green Room

Universal Studios invited us to help find a unique experience to promote their film ‘The Green Room’. Covert created a unique interactive escape room that had all of the twists and turns of the film.

Interactive Microsite


The Challenge: What unique experience would engage the film’s target audience?

To unlock our direction for the experience, we brainstormed around the film’s explosive narrative which centers within the green room, a waiting room for artists used before and after a performance and explored ways in which viewers could also experience the thrills and terror of the room.

The Idea: Escape The Green Room

What better way for viewers to engage with the film’s concept and narrative, than to place them and their friends within it themselves? Our idea was to create a virtual green room through a web based social game that users and friends would attempt to escape from and if they managed to succeed, would be rewarded with an exclusive trailer of the film.

The Experience

After selecting friends, the timer begins and they have 60 seconds to escape by answering a series of questions. Correct answers would allow users to progress to the next stage, but incorrect answers would have a much less positive effect…

Being hit with a bat by Patrick Stewart

Was one of the ways in which users could meet their unfortunate demise if they successfully navigated the treacherous challenge. We designed each death within the challenge to resemble those within the film, leaving a bloody bread crumb trail of easter eggs for the extra observant user.

Design Details

We worked closely with the Universal team to keep all artwork, copy and experience visual in line with the films aesthetic and tonality to ensure continuity and complete immersion.

Bragging rights

Win or lose, users were encouraged to share their results on their social profiles to challenge other friends to attempt to escape, increasing the experience’s engagement and reach. We designed the site which hosted the experience and all of the following social share and interaction to be analysed and reported back to Universal to ensure they could track and utilise the data accrued


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