OBO Somethin Else / Dell UK

A suite of product renders for Dell UK’s Black Friday sales.

Commissioned by the powerhouse Somethin’ Else on behalf of Media Com. Covert were tasked with the challenge to compose, edit and animate a suite of social assets for Dell UK’s Black Friday social media campaign.

Naturally, companies like Dell have some amazing offers in this period but need to cut through the noise of their competitors to stand out and gain the attention of the eager, deal hungry shoppers. In order to ensure this social media campaign was effective, Covert developed an approach which would honour the beauty, design and prowess of the laptops, whilst ensuring the assets were attention grabbing and fun.

The team constructed beautiful product renders of the Dell laptop range. Crafted from scratch in Cinema 4D these lifelike CGI renders ensured that the sleek and cutting-edge designs could be showcased in all their glory and really capture the imaginations of any potential buyers.

To ensure that attentions were efficiently grabbed, we coupled up these renders with tongue-in-cheek news anchor style reports which alerted viewers about the insane prices and paying homage to the sale’s US roots.



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