Citroen DS7 TVC & Social Campaign.

Citroen invited us to produce a series of TVC’s to promote their new DS7 Model in partnership with Sky Arts. Covert created 6 promotional 4K films which revealed the masterpiece to the nation.

TVC & Social Campaign.

United Kingdom

The Challenge: How do you introduce art enthusiasts to the DS7?

With Citroen partnering with Sky Arts for the campaign, we brainstormed ideas which focussed around communicating the DS7 as art and how it could come together for a grand reveal. We felt like we arrived at the perfect concept – Revealing the masterpiece.

The Idea: Revealing the Masterpiece

The spot revolves around us exploring the intricate layers that make up the DS7 model in a kaleidoscope tunnel effect. Each layer explores a different component of the vehicle in crisp 4K, eventually all coming together at the end to Reveal the Masterpiece.

Designing the masterpiece

To design our layers, we looked at the DS7 and extracted it’s most aesthetically pleasing points, such as the grill, alloys and interior features. We then designed a layer around each, utilising the unique aspects to allow us to travel through the spot and transition to the next.

An Eye for Detail

We worked closely with the Citroen Design Team to get every detail of the vehicle correct. We wanted to make sure we communicated the intricacies and beauty of the DS7 in all its glory and pay homage to the beautiful design.

Creative Process

The animation technique of the film utilised a slow cascading kaleidoscope, that reveals different layers of the vehicles design, before a final studio shot of the vehicle is revealed, that’s deliberately left off piste until the final seconds.


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