Carabao - Experitmental & Activation Campaigns

London’s streets flooded with interactive digital Tuk-Tuks and two robust realtime on-pack redemption websites to host the madness.
We’ve had great fun working with Carabao and really enjoyed being a part of their successes and helping them grow to be the fastest growing energy drink in the UK.

We’ve had great fun working with Carabao and really enjoyed being a part of their successes and helping them grow to be the fastest growing energy drink in the UK.

Experiental / Activation Campaigns

England & N. Ireland

The Challenge: Launch a leading energy drink in Asian markets to the UK FMCG market.

To make the brand a household name and launch into the market successfully, we had to push the boundaries again and again with each campaign. Our ideas had to stand out, make a mark for the brand, and cut through the deafening white noise of a very crowded market.

Brief 1: Attack London with Tuk-Tuks

We just couldn’t get enough of our first idea. We wanted to attack London with a fleet of fully electric, fully interactive, on-brand Carabao Tuk-Tuks to really turn some heads. We knew that the Tuk-Tuks had to catch peoples eye, so we took the iconic brand’s spirit animal, which is of course, the Carabao, and mounted it upon the front of the Tuk-Tuk’s and drenched the vehicles in on-brand colours, iconography and pack shots.

Turning Heads Through Design

It was essential we captivated the publics attention on the Tuk-Tuks and delivered more than just an outrageous sight. To do this, we developed a bespoke, on-brand, interactive touch-screen game for users to play. We designed the game around the Carabao brand, and ensured it was action packed, and required big energy from both body and mind.

To maximise the engagement and fun factor, we installed cameras onto the screens and developed in a photo opportunity for the users upon completing the game. These photo opportunities would be captured using a bespoke on-brand filter and would encourage users to share their scores and experience on their social media profiles.


Developing the concept from the ground up, from a logistical & engagement point of view.

Production Build

Stripping back & highly customizing a clean energy Tuk Tuk, building a complete custom coded unit.


Extensive stress testing of deployment and system to ensure a smooth interactive experience.


On site support and remote access as a fail safe, if any error occurs we are there to fix and improve as fast as possible.

Brief 2 - The £1M giveaway

For their next brief, Carabao were looking to develop a disruptive on-pack promotion that would instill Carabao as a serious challenger brand for a wider UK audience. This promotion had to stand out on the shelf and attract the wider audience we were looking to engage.

A million pound giveaway, on pack promotion was conceived & Covert where there to make this concept a reality…

“Giving away £1M is a pretty crazy thing to do, but Carabao is a drink for people leading increasingly busy and bonkers lives, so it feels entirely appropriate.” John Luck, Chief Marketing Officer at Carabao UK

We knew the giveaway would tie in perfectly with the brand’s first UK TV advertising campaign, which would introduce ‘the bonkers drink for bonkers lives’ proposition.

Building a custom web based platform to host the giveaway

We needed to ensure that the whole carabao experience was enjoyable and positive. This meant that when designing the redemption microsite for the promotion, it needed to be fast, robust, responsive and a seamless prize fulfillment process.

Firstly we ensured that when directed to the site, with code in hand, they would be able to instantly find out if they were successful.

If successful, we didn’t want anyone to be hanging around. So we developed a system which meant lucky winners would be transferred their winnings within just 3 working days.

Because the promotion offered over 100,000 cash prizes, ranging from £5 to £50,000, it actually meant there was potential for 1 winner every 60 seconds for a whole 3 months. Meaning a lot of potential traffic. Because of this we ensured the site we built was hosted on the most secure, stable and reliable platform to avoid any disappointment for both consumer and brand alike.

The results

The promotion exceeded all expectations, with over 643,000 entries, engaging with over 35,00 individuals. This resulted in a staggering 35% redemption rate (against an industry benchmark of 2%). Ultimately the on-pack promotion gave shoppers a reason to trial Carabao, and repeat purchase – trial and rate of sale objectives achieved. All in all, the activation had a crazy response that really made an impact for the brand. The promotion saw over 643,000 entries, engaging with a whopping 35,000+ individuals. Included within these results was a jaw-dropping 35% redemption rate (industry benchmark sitting at just 2%).

We’re extremely proud to have been part of these results and are over the moon for Carabao.

Brief 3: Sponsoring one of the UK’s biggest football competitions

Set to be a major football sponsor and appealing to a mass market, inclusive adult audience. Carabao set out to differentiate themselves from other energy drinks and drive further growth in the energy drinks category as a whole. They were sponsors of one of the UK’s largest football competitions, the Carabao (league) Cup.

Carabao wanted to give back to their community amidst the sponsorship and set out to run a further on-pack promotion which would see 100’s of match tickets given away to lucky winners.

A Robust website framework

With a pretty high traffic expectancy based on previous promotions, we again needed to ensure that that site built to house the promotion was responsive, robust and a smooth user experience. All of these factors were taken into consideration and enabled us to deliver the site in an agile fashion, moving within a tight timeframe.

Due to the potential popularity of the promotion and the level of anticipation from fans of the same team gunning for the same match day tickets, we had to ensure the site’s data was constantly refreshing to the second. We didn’t want any disappointed fans, or worse still, two people booked for the same ticket!


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