VFX Projects FAQ

VFX Projects FAQ

frequently asked questions

What makes us different?

Covert is different because we work completely remotely. It allows us to access fantastic in-house and freelance talent and keeps our cost minimal, with no rent, business rates and bean bag rooms to pay for, it means we’re naturally pretty competitive. We’re also different because we take a motion graphics approach to VFX. Utilising software like after effects and C4D, we find that we’re able to achieve industry standard VFX, work on a streamlined pipeline and save significant costs on traditional software such as a flame licence. We naturally pass those savings onto our lovely clients.


Where do I send the drive(s) to?

Generally speaking, because we’re a remote working company, it often actually slows down a project to send the whole drive to us. It’s also often unnecessary as we only need the specific shot files to get to work!


So which files do you work from?

To ensure a quicker workflow, we usually work from the standalone VFX shots or full edits as Prores4444 or similar lossless formats.


How do I send the files to you?

Any internet transfer system will do! Wetransfer, Dropbox, Wesendit etc. Just no carrier pigeons please, the upkeep’s a nightmare…


What software do you work from

We take a motion graphics approach to VFX, utilising After Effects and Cinema 4D, rendering out of Octane & Redshift amongst others.


What is your rate card? 

Generally we tend to quote project by project to ensure we can tailor our approach to the needs and budget of the brief. However, as a rule of thumb, we tend to work on a guidance rate of £80ph.


Do you work in-house?

We’re afraid not! As we’re a remote based entity, the staff that’d be working on your project could be anywhere in the country, from Cornwall to Northampton, so it isn’t really feasible. Plus, it’s the fact that our staff work from their homes that ensures we can keep to our competitive rates.


Do you have editing suites? 

We don’t, however through partners, we do have access to them if required. Generally, we utilise our online conferencing abilities via our CRM’s to allow the reviewing and sharing of progress.


What can’t you do?

We don’t use software like flame and Houdini, however we’re pretty confident we can nail the same quality effects within our chosen software and this is part of what keeps our pricing so competitive.

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