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Event Visuals for Universal Music Label DECCA records.

Decca Records/Universal Music

Agency: Fued
Decca Records of Universal wanted to make sure they stood out from the crowd at the annual awards, to celebrate some of the fantastic music and film the label has produced.
So, they teamed up with Feud Creative and Covert to create a showreel that embodied the wonder, mystique and prowess of the Decca label using motion design and VFX.
Feud had a concept of a musical Dali Surrealist environment, a mystical 3D world which conjured up notions of steam punk, Alice in Wonderland and adventure in which viewers would traverse through as we journeyed through the different acts in the showreel.

Strategy & Process

Working in Cinema 4D the Covert team looked to create a single 3D environment that looked complex and intricate, with many moving parts and different characters and objects that boggled the mind as the camera passed through.
By approaching this world from different angles and through different camera movements, we were able to produce beautiful transitions that allowed the showreel to move through the different acts.
Everyone agreed that we wanted to end with a bang. So, we blew that piano into thousands of pieces. And yes, it was a lot of fun!

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