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Animated Learning Experiences

Visualising key learning experiences for a new generation.

The A to Z of ISMs

Commissioned by the powerhouse Somethin Else on behalf of BBC Ideas we’re proud to have been the driving force behind the A to Z of ISM’s series.
28 videos based around various “ISMs” such as globalism or vampirism. Each animation has a comic book treatment and tonality to it.


Every future is a vision, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Commissioned to create 8 feature length typography and panoramic based animations for the BBC.
Each film represented a different vision by key visionary. The beautiful visuals are continously scrolling while the kinnect typography appears timed to the voice over (recorded by the visionary).

Dash Series

Using key IPs such as Blue Planet II and Danger Mouse the aim was to get kids up and dancing. Therfore some “interactive” videos were created to help drive imagination and exercise together.
Each film is introduced by its key actors and continously drives forward. At regular and timed intervals varying elements have to be “dodged” or “ducked”. Be it a Danger Mouse bad-guy or plastics in the oceans.

Supermovers Series

Building on the DASH series of films. Together with Somethin Else we created a series of “dance mat” videos to help kids of all ages start dancing.
Live action video was filmed, and then, during POST we create dynamically moving character actions for the bottom of the screen. Every move is timed and actioned acordingly.

Ediable Histories

When food is loved by so many, it’s history can get lost. To combat this problem the BBC commissioned Somethin Else and Covert to create a series of 8 films showcasing the history of various food types.
The films are a huge sucess and continue to chart the BBC Ideas frontpage with Gin & Tonic firmly in the lead. Who’d have thought?

Continued Relationships

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve created for the BBC and even more so that we continue to create fun and engaging content for them.
For 2019 we’ve been comissioned for several new films and the usual barrage of social, campaign and VT assets. We can’t wait.

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